22 April 2011

Purple Is Not Your Color

I haven't been to Brooks 1890 Restaurant in Long Island City since the century-old eatery changed hands last fall and underwent a renovation. The other night, however, I took a peek in. They seem to have retained the lovely character of the bar room. They've made one great mistake, however. For whatever reason, they've decided to light the beautiful, stained-glass canopy behind the bar—a one-hundred-year-old, one-of-a-kind item—with blue and purple lights. The effect is ghastly.

See below how the canopy used to look in happier times.


Tinderbox said...

Your eye for detail and memory for design never fails to astound me!

Anonymous said...

Brooks, might be that purple and
blue are warm colors when on
Vicodin & Kahlua?

Anonymous said...

I kind of like it, but I'd have to see the whole place to truly judge.