06 April 2011

Golden City Now Happy Garden

The Golden City Chinese takeout joint on the Cobble Hill corner of Henry and Baltic has always stood out, not just because it's the only Chinese takeout joint in the area, but because it is situated picturesquely among a forest of brownstones where almost no other businesses can be found.

It recently changed hands, and is now Happy Garden. That's fine, I guess, but why couldn't the new owners keep the old name? If they had, they could have kept the old school signage, which was much more appealing than the garish new yellow one found below. (I stupidly never took a picture of it, but you can still see it on Google Maps here.)


enodo said...

That old one might have been pretty garish too when it was new. Nothing like a few years of UV on plastic to tone colors down.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Perhaps. Though it's harder for blue to be garish than it is for yellow.