27 April 2011

Silver Rod Pharmacy Has That Name for a Reason

Lost City solves mysteries!

In September 2009 I posted this image of the fantastic, and fantastically named, Silver Rod Pharmacy of Bensonhurst, and casually wondered at the curious name of the 84-year-old business.

Today, 19 months later, I got a message from one of the pharmacy's founders: "The name Silver Rod was a contraction of the last names of its founders, Simon Rodnon and a Mr. Silver-...I’m not certain of his entire last name. Simon was my grandfather. He also owned Deauville French ice cream also based in Brooklyn and a key supplier to the Silver Rod drug store chain and, yes, Junior’s as well."


Anonymous said...

My great grandfather supplied all the cigars for Silver Rod! My Grandfather was a manager of several stores for years!

Anonymous said...

I am researching my extended family and discovered that one of my cousins was also a manager at a Silver Rod pharmacy!

Peter S. Green said...

Huh! My grandfather Mortimer Green, was also an owner of Deauville French Ice Cream.