04 April 2011

The Visual Feast That Is Big Nick's

A newly arrived immigrant could learn English standing outside Big Nick's Burger and Pizza Joint on Broadway in the Upper West Side, there's so much to read on the 39-year-old restaurant's facade. Of course, that immigrant would have a vocabulary in which "breakfast," "burger," "pizza," "coffee" and "big" feature prominently.

The collection of signage, however, really is a work of art, the collage of a generation. Paper signs. Plastic signs. Written in pen, marker, paint. Hand-written and professionally printed. Dozens of different fonts and colors. Some nice neon bits, too. It's chaos. It's beautiful.

"Several Foreign Guidebooks"!

"Open 23 Hours." Which hour is it closed?


upstate Johnny G said...

Nice find Brooks! That signage is truly awesome, and besides that....as far as I could tell, there are no contradictory messages, which is surprising considering how many years' worth of signs are sitting there.

I love the ability to get bagged ice to go. If you run out in the middle of a party....no problem....Big Nick's got you covered.

I wonder how their apple pie is. My favorite all time breakfast is a plateful of hot apple pie covered in vanilla ice cream.

Keep up the good work!

Mr. Lee said...

Nice one... Good memories!

I spent a lot of time at Big Nick's in the '80s, but mostly at their other spot on 71st Street, which has a bit less of the visual overload as the Broadway spot.

123neonsigns said...

Another nice find Brook !! How did you get it ?? The signage is simple INCREDIBLE. In fact, I have lot of good memories attached with Big Nick's. Thanks for sharing...:)