13 April 2011

Catering For All Occasions

C'mon, you know you want your next affair catered by John & Frank of Red Hook! You know it! They do "all occasions." Need packs of Winstons and Marlboros; Budweiser; Arizona Iced Tea and Snapple? They've got it!


mingusal said...

The heros are actually pretty good there, although not at the level of the mighty Defonte's a block away. I'd worry about the "For Sale" sign, but it's been up there for quite a while - must be asking a fortune for the place.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic Brooks...you are usually such a fan of authenticity. Your snobby comment about this store's signage is something i would expect to hear from a suburban gentrifier looking to replace this establishment with a $30 per plate artisinal donut shop or something. I hope you're not getting corrupted. Otherwise love your blog.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I don't want the place to go away. But the sign is funny. I see both sides.