28 April 2011

The Clock on the Floor

It makes me a little sad when I look down at this old timepiece, inlaid into the sidewalk at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, because the store that put it there, William Barthman Jewelers, no longer inhabit the store nearby. A few years back, they moved to bigger digs a little further north on Broadway. And their grand old home is now filled by this:

At least the clock is still there and wasn't ripped up. I wonder if that was out of respect or laziness.


Ken Mac said...

i hear ya, but I'll take a Vitamin Shoppe over at DR, CVS or any any day of the week. At least the compass remains

Brooks of Sheffield said...

yes, but their signage is just as horrendous. Why must chains insist on obscuring the beauty of old buildings in New York with eyesore signs?