26 April 2011

It's a Jungle Out There. And Out There, Too!

I stepped into the Times Square Shuttle train last night, only to be greeted by a giant frog and a tropical jungle scene. The car was decorated inside and out with advertising extolling the virtues of an education at Adelphi. (Don't ask.)

Inside it was all bark and greenery. Kind of peaceful. Kind of wacko.

Then I heard another shuttle entering the station. I looked out the window to catch a glimpse of a normal looking car. But instead I see another tropical ecosystem! "Brazil is calling you," it beckons.

Who needs to go to the Botanical Gardens?

1 comment:

G-Box said...

If I had a head full of LSD-25 that is one train I would definitely avoid! Good god, you'd be chased down and devoured by giant frogs! Fear and loathing on the subway!