12 April 2011

LES Laboratorio Del Gelato Really Looks Like Laboratory

I was walking down E. Houston Street when I passed by this white, well-lit place. I thought the neighborhood had gotten a new free clinic.

But, no, it was actually a new storefront for Laboratorio Del Gelato and Cafe Grumpy, the makers of yummy ice cream and espresso. And it actually looks like a laboratory. Sanitized. Everything just so.

You know, I really like Laboratorio Del Gelato's gelato. It's great. And I like Cafe Grumpy's coffee. But, come on guys. This is ridiculous. Get a sense of humor about what you do. Just make the ice cream. Make the coffee. Don't pretend you work as NASA. Old Italian immigrants did the same thing you're doing in the Lower East Side 100 years ago. And they didn't act like they were handling radioactive materials.

I started to read one of these informational posters. There are three of them. One about the espresso bar, one about production. Or, I mean, Produzione. And this one. Next thing I knew, a beat cop was nudging me with his night stick, rousing me from my sleep and telling me to "Move along."

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