23 June 2007

Ferdinando's Gets a New Coat

The owner of Fedinando's Foccaceria, the great old Sicilian sandwich place in Carroll Gardens, has decided to spruce up a bit. The facade got a new paint job on Saturday. Nice sort of umber shade. Looks good. Brightens up the block.


Anonymous said...

cpl things + one--

1) were you here for latticini barese?

2) ferdinando's is GOOD. _______, ____ __ ________ _ & ______ are truly great. why, you might ask? bc they still gotta do it for actual sicilians & other italians, an obviously diminishing # in the "columbia heights waterfront district," or "carroll gardens (west)" (cough) area. i ain't got much bad to say about ferdinando's but except for its age & anachronism status, there's not much exceptional about it in terms of grub.

3) sorry to say (unasked) the house of pizza is dead to me.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Who Walks in Brooklyn: Yes, I was here for Latticini Barese and miss it sorely.I agree that Ferdinando's quality has fallen off a bit in recent years. But the pototo special and a few other delicacies are still peerless. And I just love the place as an entity. As for House of Pizza, I see you're a purist and don't think the pizza's the same since the place changed hands a couple years back. I myself still find enough pleasure in the pie to still patronize them.