14 January 2008

Gertel's of Brooklyn?

From the Knock-me-over-with-a-feather department: The fine folks at Clinton Hill Blog gave me heads up that the classic Gertel's Bakery sign, which hung on Hester Street for 93 years until the business closed last June, has been spotted in Brooklyn, north of Myrtle Street, possibly on Steuben. (The specifics were uncertain.)

Above is the picture. That's the Gertel's sign all right. Which leads to the inevitable question: WTF? I was searching my brain for a reason for this neon relocation, when a commenter reminded me of a past post of my own. On my final visit to the baker, I asked what would become of the iconic sign. The answer came that the owner was going to keep the sign at his home.

But, judging from the roller shutter, this doesn't look like anybody's home. But then I remembered another bit of important information. The owner planned to move his wholesale operation to a factory on—yes—Steuben St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So this must be the sign's new home. Hooray! Good job, sign. Glad you made it home safe.


Anonymous said...

I love how in NY Mag it mentioned Gertel's and said you can get their "pastries" around the corner at Flicker's. Which has since closed. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint those who thought Gertel's would be in brooklyn. I've been biking down Steuben for about ten years and that sign has been there all along. The buildikng houses an Asian business.