30 January 2008

There's Scaffolding on P&G and, I Don't Know, I Just Don't Like It

In what seems like another portent of doom, a flight of scaffolding has been placed around the old P&G Bar on the Upper West Side. The structure envelopes the tavern— which is waiting out a not-to-renewed lease that ends at the end of 2009—on both the south and west walls of the corner space.

The workmen said they were just giving the building a wash, but, I don't know, I just think it's another way for the scurvy landlord to make P&G unwelcome. Said landlord has wanted the barkeepers out for some time now, because, well, Jesus, Bank of America can't wait forever!

The scaffolding obscures what is safely one of the best neon signs in Manhattan. What's worse, the cleaning appears to have forced the bar to shear the outside walls of the dark green paneling that was always part of what made the bar visually distinctive. (See below.) That bare cement sure looks purty, don't it?


Erica said...

Like you queried in a previous post around a week ago: "Why must such things be?"

It's all so very, very depressing, how our wonderful city is falling prey to such urban whitewashing.

Lidian said...

What a shame - that's a beautiful neon sign. They ought to be preserved, there are so few left. We don't have many in my present city either, and they are unprotected by the historic-trust types, unfortunately.

Gotham City Insider said...

Amen. But I hate scaffolding, period. It's an eyesore and it makes me feel boxed in from above.

Scaffolding: The Aesthetic Sledgehammer

Anonymous said...

"Why should Bank of America wait?"
I know exactly what you mean - I recently visited NYC for the first time in 5 years. I was shocked to see there's a Bank of America on every block now!!! (As well as a Starbucks)
It seems like NYC is good for banking and buying coffee at Starbucks. How could this happen?????

Anonymous said...

We've been going to the P&G for a VERY long time, (my husband even longer than me)...we hate that we're losing a great part of history and a wonderful group of friends.