03 January 2008

Streit's Matzah Factory Not to Rise Again

And the erasing of the historic Lower East Side continues.

The Jewish Week reports that Streit's, the last family-owned matzah bakery on the LES, has been put on the market for $25 million. This small operation on Rivington hasn't been the age-old company's base of operations for years and years. My impression is they kept it around for old time's sake, the same way Shapiro's maintained a kosher wine warehouse on the same street until just recently.

You had to see this one coming. Still, it's a shame. I recall visiting the plant when I lived on Eldridge. It was more like a museum than a factory, and quite an education to watch the baking process. The wife was just there a couple weeks ago and enjoyed the visit.

According to the Jewish Week, "Streit’s currently operates a warehouse and dry pack operation in Moonachie, N.J., distributing its regular, lightly salted, egg & onion and whole-wheat matzahs worldwide." It's still a family operation, and the clan plans to use the space to make matzah for the next year or so while they build a new facility. So there's time to patronize the place and sigh a few sighs.

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