22 January 2008

History in a Starbucks: 47th and Broadway

I here continue my search for history and meaning in our fair City's many stupid Starbuck's franchises.

This Starbuck's, occupying a corner of the giant Morgan Stanley tower near Times Square, occupies land once owned by The Strand, a huge movie palace opened in 1914. It's architect was the Thomas Lamb, who built many of the theatres in Times Square, including the nearby Cort and Mark Hellinger. It sat 2,989 people. The Strand boasted a mix of stage acts and movies in the beginning.
The legit stuff was dropped in 1929, but brought back in the late '30s. The joint was renamed Warner Theatre in 1951. It was soonafter renovated and renamed Warner Cinerama.

In 1968, the theatre became a triplex. In 1987, the cinema finally succumbed and was torn down.

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