31 January 2008

Some More Stuff That's Depressing, Er, Interesting

A Maspeth cemetery caretaker's house dating from the 1800s will be sold and probably knocked down because, well, its in Queens.

This thing is so yellow and blue and so freaking big.

A construction worker fell several stories to his death while working on a luxury highrise on Clinton Avenue. The cause of the fatality—the third such death this year in New York—was blamed on high winds—not rampant out-of-control development or the complete lack of industry supervision from the Department of Building.

John Rossi, the owner of Lowen's Pharmacy, a Bay Ridge landmark for decades, killed himself. He was tangled up in a steroids scandal.

1 comment:

Lidian said...

Those IKEA stores all look like that - even up here in Canada. It looks ridiculous!

The house in Maspeth is gorgeous, and I wish I could buy it. I can't see how anyone would want to destroy it, it is just obscene.