09 January 2008

The Queensboro Bridge Knows Where Four-Fifths of You Live

On the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge, on the south side of the entrance, there's a towering metal lamppost on a sold stone pedestal holding up five glass globes. (There's no sign of a similar post on the north side.)

It's a beautiful thing, even if it renders the visual effect of the whole bridge a little lopsided. The best part are metal carvings on each side of the post which honor the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens, each word pointed basically in the direction of said borough.

Staten Island, apparently, can go suck a lemon.


RI 360 said...

There was a second lamp post at one time. Supposedly it was removed to be cleaned but never returned. Perhaps Staten Island was listed there?

Anonymous said...

More on the lamp from Forgotten NY...though no answer on the Staten Island question.