31 January 2008

The New New St. Clair Restaurant

The old New St. Clair Restaurant sign is gone, and so is the old, old, original St. Clair sign that was uncovered briefly, and here is the new New St. Clair Restaurant sign. Not so bad. Glad the new owners kept the old name, and, taking the sign's aesthetics as face value, they seem to be trying to retain the spirit of the diner. The color scheme of brown, red and orange? A bit '70s. But at least it ain't bank branch blue.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I saw the new new sign and wondered why they bothered. I used to have coffee and fries there with a friend all the time when I first moved to Brooklyn. Then I switched to Joe's then Donut House for diner food. Now , I don't go into any of them. But, Joe Junior's on 6th ave near 13th street is a place I do go to still. Again, thankss so much for this info!!! It makes me a bit sad.