05 January 2008

Red Hook Red Again

For some years now, multiple strings of red outdoor lights have spelled out, in block letters, "Red Hook" on the side of the Golten Marine building, situated at the very entryway of that neighborhood at the corner of Hamilton and Van Brunt. They used to be lit fairly regularly, but haven't for a last year or two.

For whatever reason, the red "Red Hook" stared blazing anew about a week ago. Have no idea why. But it's good to see the welcoming sign again. And poor old beaten down Red Hook needs all the cheering it can get.

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Anonymous said...

Here here,

I was very pleased to see the welcoming illuminated glow of the Red Hook sign. I drove by and honked and shouted with glee. Thank you to the industrious soul that has brought a fresh welcome to our heighborhood residents and visitors.