25 January 2008

Oh, the Horror

The Starbucks inside the Waldorf=Astoria.

Why must such things be?


Barbara L. Hanson said...

When I was growing up, the Waldorf was the epitome of style. I got the chance to experience the Waldorf Towers (the ultra-ultra part) when I hung out there with a rock band I knew. (Who had their own very gay elegance, I might add.) Starbucks at the Waldorf? How very, very sad. That's about as glam as Burger King.

Lisanne said...


Seems like all the great old NY hotels are losing their elegance or turning into condos! My grandfather was a pastry chef in most of them, the Waldorf, the Pierre & the Plaza (i have a lot of silverware from the Waldorf!) and used to take me into the kitchens and the employee dining room. A very upstairs downstairs type of world, everyone was from Europe. I wonder if it still like that?

Anonymous said...

How sad to see such inelegance replace old grandeur. If everyone just refused to go in to that Starbucks, or any Starbucks for that matter, wouldn't it be fun to see what happened? We always did fine with coffee in this town before Starbucks.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

But, you see, people will never stop going to Starbucks. They've got a better deal that Coke did back in the day when they used to slip cocaine in their soda. Starbucks is dealing in a legal drug, caffeine, that no government can ever tell them to cease using. They've got the nation hooked for good!