01 January 2008

Old Signs on Flatbush

Flatbush Avenue appears to be the epicenter of the no-need-to-take-down-the-old-sign-to-start-a-new-business ethos. Here are a couple choice examples, each within a few steps of the other.

One all-around discount store still bears a vertical neon sign which reveals that this was once where you went to purchase Furs by Novick.

Nearby, an awning for a suit warehouse is still topped by a couple boxy sign advertising the once omnipresent and dominant shoe brands of Naturalizer and Hush Puppies. Overlaid on them, for reasons unknown, is the visage of a rather severe looking gentleman who stares at us as if daring us not to buy his shoes. Was this the guy who owned the store? The mascot of either Naturalizer or Hush Puppies?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The man is definitely not the Hush Puppies mascot, as he isn't a basset hound :)