13 May 2008

Breaking Bricks on Columbia

L&M Equities has sprung forward with vigor this spring, tearing down 75 Columbia Street with alacrity. They began their work only last week. And look where they stand on Tuesday, May 13! (see above)

As you may recall, L&M has big plans for Cobble Hill West (or whatever you care to call it). They are planning 152 new housing units across three sites: 75 Columbia Street; 86-98 Congress Street and 79 Warren Street; and 104-116 Warren Street and 101-115 Baltic Street (a "site"). They presented their case before Community Board 6 last fall, and, after getting some static from the community, revised their plan a bit. It still, we trust, will be an fairly ugly atrocity when built, but perhaps not as bad as initially planned.

Anyway, they're in a hurry. 75 Columbia was chosen as first to be hammered to the ground. Last to fall to the wrecking ball with be the former Hamberger Christmas ornament factory on Warren Street (below), a building which has a long and storied history, to be related on this blog sometime before the wreckage ensues.

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