20 May 2008

Time Heals (Most) Everything

A new community board meeting about the controversial Cobble Hill development known at 110 Amity (or the Amity Street Horror, depending on your attitude) convened last night and it looks like developer Time Equities (uh! the names these companies have) has thoroughly rethought things.

TE got the nabe's goat last year with its idea to build a new mews on the Henry Street side of the project, which surrounds the landmarked 105-year-old Lamm Institute building at 110 Amity Street. The plan was deemed quite out of context with the area by most, and was turned down by the Landmark Preservation Commission.

They returned to the drawing board and came up with something less ambitious. According to a witness at the meeting, the new brownstone-like buildings no longer form a mews, but face Henry Street. They even have stoops, lintels and cornices—a reality that warms the cockles of Lost City's heart. There is a penthouse of some sort on the top of the buildings, but the gathered citizens were told that the additions would not be visible from the street.

As reported earlier, the plot in question remains on the market at Massey Knackel, so who knows what game TE is ultimately playing here.

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