30 May 2008

Whole Donuts

I don't care for donuts. But if you must eat donuts, these are the best in New York by my judge. Everything's homemade in this Greenpoint landmark. I had one with apple filling that was fairly amazing. Nothing processed about it. Great sign and classic coffee shop interior to boot.


*Bitch Cakes* said...

I've had their coffee but managed to never buy a donut. Not to say I don't drool over them- it's only out of fear that I will make it a regular habit.

However, I take photographs of the donuts in the window on a fairly regular basis. They are gorgeous!

And I love the word "Indulge" right below the donut case in the front window. A not-so-subtle invitation.

draveed said...

My uncle used to make the donuts in the backroom of that place. One day, back in the 80s when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, she took me back there to say hello. So they chatted a bit, he pat me on the head, and we left. So when we got home, my Mom told me why she had such a good laugh in there. When my uncle pat my head, he dropped a big bunch of flour in my hair.

Whether or not my uncle was the baker, the donuts there were phenomenal. The selection, the size, the taste, all top notch. Easily my favorite donut shop ANYWHERE. Since I moved, it's been years since I had one of those donuts. I really miss them. When I concentrate, I can actually remember the taste and the cake-texture of the chocolate glazed. So delicious!