08 May 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Restauratuer Danny Meyer, the king of Union Square, not wanted in Union Square.

Robert DeNiro, who loves NYC oh so much (if we are to believe the American Express ads), to defile it with ridiculous-looking skyscraper.

Marion's, neat retro-swank joint on the Bowery, has closed for renovations—we hope.

Nathan's hot dogs are now more expensive. Like everything else in the City.

Bloomberg unwittingly criticizes himself.

Developers Deb Scotto and Billy Stein are against the Carroll Gardens Place Text Amendment, which would redefine (or, rather, properly define) some neighborhood street as "narrow" (which they are), not "wide" (which they're not), and thus curb nasty development. Hm. That more proof the amendment's a good idea, in my opinion.

Small condos will not ruin Minerva's view of Lady Liberty. (NO condos wouldn't impair it at all.)

Hey, Brooklynites! Make $90 grand a year? Feel pretty good about it? In two years, you'll be considered poor.

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