20 May 2008

More About Brooklyn Pigeons

Brooklyn pigeons have got it good these days.

On Kane Street, they've found a cozy home under the scaffolding at the Rat-Squirrel House, with no one to kick them them to the curb. Meanwhile, on the corner of Richards and Coffey in Red Hook, some happy birds have made themselves at home in the very wall of an abandoned restaurant that has sat there derelict for decades.

The former restaurant has been a source of fascination for Lost City for some time, and it's fallen further on hard times in the 30 months since I started this blog. Look at the slant on that cornice! Jesus Christ! But I hadn't noticed the hole in the north wall near the chimney. Plenty of missing bricks there, perfect for a nest. Lots of room for expansion. Look closely at the center of the photo and you'll see our friend the pigeon. He/she has many other friends and family who fly back and forth. Freaky thing is that someone still lives on that second floor. Bird lover, I guess.

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