22 May 2008

Shocking Rat-Squirrel House News: Backyard Is Even Worse!

In my months of observing the Rat-Squirrel House on Kane Street in Cobble Hill, I've never once met or seen its slippery mysterious owner, let alone gained access to the interior. But the blogger at Musing on 'Point—a Greenpoint-based blog—has succeeded where I haven't. Not in photos of the inside, no, but with pictures of the backyard of 149 Kane Street, which—God help us all!—is possibly in worse shape than the front.

Musing on 'Point won the above and below photos from 149's neighbor, after buying a couple toy chests from her. I imagine she took them to show to the DOB or something. Holy moly. What a wilderness of brush and debris. (I take some issue with Musing's contention that the owner "is the king of her castle and unless she poses a hazard to the public or adjoining structures, then she's well within her rights to let it fall into disrepair." Her neglect has posed a hazard. She's given her neighbors serious cases of termites, and people believe that, when 149 comes down, which is eventually will, it will take other buildings with it. No homeowner's an island in this City. Moreover, the house is in a landmark district and thus she has a moral responsibility to keep the place up.)

Meanwhile, I'd like to report that the pigeon that was previously making himself at home on the stoop, under the scaffolding, has successfully moved in, using the same upstairs window (still open after all these months) the rats and squirrels do.

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