11 May 2008

Trader Joe's Doesn't Want Us to See

After an interminable wait, Trader Joe's finally began work on transformed the former Independence Bank building at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago. And now what do they do? Paper over the glass doorways for a little privacy. For months on end we were free to peer in on the unstirred dust inside the yawning cavity of the huge edifice. Now that there's actually something to look at, our ocular inquiries are not welcome. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

it's actually plastic sheeting which they typically hang over the doors so that sheetrock dust and debris will have a harder time blowing out of the construction zone inside and onto passerby on the sidewalk. on days when the workers are in there, those doors will be wide open because they are going in and out constantly.

Anonymous said...

They may have further protective gates or plywood up inside. But even then, they don't want anyone seeing tempting materials. Jobsites with materials lying around are targets.