04 May 2008

Endangered Sign Alert

Sometimes it's not enough to single out and honor the City's great signage. Sometimes you have to go that extra yard to protect that signage by calling its owner on the carpet for abuse.

The owners of Moishe's Bake Shop on Second Avenue have a great sign. Stark yellow cursive lettering on a brown metal background, it stands out a mile. But for some time now the owners of the shop have neglected the sign in a horrendous fashion. Graffiti is allowed to sit at the top of the sign. The "E" in "Bake" is maimed. And the little flourish under "Moishe's" that says "Second Avenue" is hanging by a thread, pointing due south.

How, as a self-respected shopkeeper, do you look up at that sign as you open your doors in the morning and not feel to impulse to make things right? How much energy could it take? I myself could fix the "Second Avenue" problem in five minutes if someone gave me permission and a ladder. Fixing the "E" just required a call to the sign people.

I'm calling you out Moishe, and Moishe's descendents! You are shaming the name of your fine shop. Do the right thing.

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