27 May 2008

Rat Squirrel Lady's Home Away From Hovel

This address, 451 Henry Street, is the other Cobble Hill building owned by Arlene Karlsen, the keeper of the infamous Rat Squirrel House at 149 Kane Street, lately in the news for being a future heap-of-bricks and general eyesore and menace to society.

I'd been told Karlsen had another building in the area for some time, but only located it yesterday. In marked different to the Rat Squirrel House (below), it looks to be in fairly good repair. There are some worrisome hairline cracks in the facade, but nothing like the decay at 149 Kane. There are also no serious DOB violations against the place. There is, however, a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker in the window that really needs to come down.


JL said...

She doesn't live there.

kdeckert said...

On no! My self-satisfying view of uniformity is marred by this ailing eyesore! Will this affect the multi-million dollar value of the surrounding real estate? Will children in the neighborhood be shocked to learn that not everyone is a rich 40 year old first time mother with triplets? I thought this sort of thing only happened in the poor neighborhoods and to people on tv. What we need is some kind-hearted real estate developer to come along and really spruce up that building like they do in DUMBO and Williamsburg. Until then, I need to find another route to my Mercedes wagon. Jeesh!