30 May 2008


From Mayor Bloomberg, in reaction to today's fatal crane accident, the second in as many months, quoted in the New York Times:

"Construction is a dangerous business, and you will always have fatalities," Mr. Bloomberg said. "Two cranes collapsed in a short period of time — it looks like a pattern but there’s no reason to think there’s any real connection."

No pattern? A rubber stamp on every proposed construction project since 2002, and there's no pattern? A political and economic blueprint that preaches "More building is better building," and no pattern? A Department of Building understaffed to address the onslaught of development, and no pattern? If you go around dropping banana peels around town and suddenly some people slip and fall on their backs, is there no pattern?

There is a connection between the two accidents, Mr. Mayor, and it leades from the Developer-Construction Complex to the lax and corrupt DOB to City Hall to you.

May a condo tower be approved for construction opposite your home on E. 79th Street and made a crane loom over your roof every day and every night. Then tell me all your thoughts on coincidence and chance.

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