13 September 2008

Calexico to Take Schnack Space

Calexico, a purveyor of "gourmet Mexican food," will take over the Brooklyn space on Union Street near Columbia lately occupied by the once-beloved mini-burger joint Schnack. This, according to a new sign in the window.

To drive home the fact of their coming arrival, the Calexico boys used a Sept. 13 street fair as an excuse to park a cart outside the Schnack space, and serve burritos and such to all and sundry during the morning and afternoon. The man in charge said the restaurant will be open in a month. Up till now, Calexico has only possessed two trucks, which roam around Manhattan dolling out tacos. The permanent location's menu will feature tacos, burritos, "rolled" quesadillas and various other goodies.

Calexico should be welcomed by oldtimers in the neighborhood, who were disappointed by the high-end Mexican restaurant Alma down the street, complaining that Almoa didn't serve any kind of Mexican food they had ever heard of.

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