02 September 2008

Starbucks Shaken

Everyone knows Starbucks is hitting hard times, with hundreds of stores closing nationwide. (Time Out New York, with typical hyperbole, said it was "dead." We should be so lucky.) But must the corporation let everything go? For instance, is it too much to ask that the letters in this sign on 42nd Street be set aright? The sign looks like it was literally shaken up by the company's recent reversal of fortune. What do they stick these sign up with, anyway? Pushpins?


Ken Mac said...

starbucks is the place for fun!

Signed D.C. said...

I'm a New Yorker now living in Toronto. Despite all I've heard about Starbucks closing stores down, as of last week a large new one opened on one of the grubbiest corners in town (Queen and Bathurst, not far from my own digs), a mere two blocks away from an already existing store. I think the previous one is still operating as well. WTF?