16 September 2008

A Good Sign: Typewriters Adding Machines

Typewriters. Adding Machines. Adding Machines! Sold! Rented! Repaired! Rebuilt!!

But don't look for any of that here. You see from the windows that this is a location for Papa John's wretched prefabricate pizza. Somebody ought to rebuild those pizzas.

On Grand near Leonard in Williamsburg.


Erica said...

Mercy. They should put it in a museum if they're not going to use use it. Thirty-threes have come back in style so perhaps there's still hope, although I don't see the public demanding the reissue of 45s and 78s.

Anonymous said...

Tangent: Did you see this recent NYT obit? My brother seems to recall that he was profiled in Up In the Old Hotel, but I can't verify that with a skim of its ToC....