03 September 2008

What's the Point?

Mark Scharfman, the landlord of the stubby building that once held Le Madeleine on W. 43rd near Eighth, instigated a lot of tsuris among theatre- and food-lovers last spring by insisted that the 29-year-old French bistro get out, out, out so he cold tear the building down and erect a tower!

So what's the jerk replacing Le Madeleine with? Another French bistro! A bright red awning for Le Petit Un Deux Trois hangs at the address now and looks to open soon. Now, I'm happy the space went to as nice a local business as Un Deux Trois, which has been serving up good food and civility on the other side of Broadway for years. But it has to make you wonder by the landlord insisted on kicking Le Madeleine to the curb. Was it personal between the landlord and the restaurant owner, Tony Edwards, who always insisted Scharfman couldn't legally tear the building down. Did the economy foil Scharfman's plans? Or maybe Un Deux Trois just offered more money.

Meanwhile, there's nothing on the Le Madeleine blog about Edwards' promise to reopen, despite reader comments of commiseration and encouragement that continue to this day.

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