05 September 2008

Nice Conspiracy Theory

Many blogs, including this one, have been scratching their heads as to the origin of the F. Martinella Deli that is moving into a big space on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn. The signs in the window say the company was founded in 1949, but none of the borough's history buffs have heard of it.

Well, a sharp reader wrote in yesterday suggested a possible key to the mystery. Before the Martinella signs made an appearance, there was much scuttlebutt that the space would hold a Boar's Head deli. The reader points out, succinctly enough:

Boar's Head:
CEO: Robert S. Martin
President: Michael Martella
Martin + Martella = Martinella

To this bit of sleuthing I add this detail as to the initial "F." in "F. Martinella": Boar's Head was founded in 1903 by Frank Brunckhorst. As in F. Brunckhorst.

And that's about as clever as a corporation can get.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with the detective work.

The need for yet another place to buy Boar's Head, which can be found in every single bodega/deli mystifies me almost as much as the need for the new-ish Laundry-Deli on nearby Smith street.

If you are going to do something so completely counter-intuitive as put a mini refrigerated display case and meat-slicer behind the window of a laundromat, shouldn't you at least offer food that can't be found next door at a real deli? How about Jamaican patties? Or arepas?