01 September 2008

House of Pizza & Calzone Wasn't Built in a Day

When the House of Pizza and Calzone in Carroll Gardens was closed and wrapped up in tarp and plywood last week for a massive renovation, a sign outside read, "Closed for vacation. Will reopen Tuesday, Sept. 2."

Today, Sept. 1, it read "Closed for Renovation. Will reopen Sept. ?"

Everyone in the neighborhood knew that "Sept. 2" was wishful thinking, even with the furious pace the Calzone team was working at. The owners are turning everything upside-down. The inside is gutted, save for the pizza ovens; you can see clear through to the back yard. The face is being cleaned and spruced up. The cornice is already repainted. Old iron pillars near the front were replaced with steel I-beams. I'd say Sept. 22 is the earliest they should be thinking. If that.

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