18 September 2008

I'm Comin' After You, Moishe!

For a couple years now, I've pointed out that the facade and sign of Moishe's Bake Shop—one of the last true vestiges of old Second Avenue—has been in sad shape. In particular, I've warned that the small part of the sign that read "Second Avenue," just under "Moishe's," was hanging by a thread and was destined to fall to the ground. (See photo far below.)

No one heeded those calls. (It's a pretty safe bet that the owners of Moishe's don't read many blogs.) And sure enough—the "Second Avenue" has now fallen off. Who knows where it is. Let's hope the owners caught it and have it stored somewhere. But the storefront is still spattered with graffiti, and the awning is one of the most tattered I've ever seen. It's never extended. I doubt it works anymore. I love Moishe's. But for the love of Mike, have a little self-respect.

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