13 September 2008

Shed Stripped Away From New House of Pizza & Calzone

The owners of the House of Pizza and Calzone in Carroll Gardens, who are renovating the half-century-old pizzeria, stripped away on Sept. 13 the plywood shed that has been masking their efforts since late August.

By the looks of it, pretty fair progress has been made on the joint in the last two weeks. The new facade will be all glass, with a glass door to the left, and a sliding glass unit, four panels wide, to the right. This, I imagine, will give the place an airy new feel. The new counter remains to the right as you walk in, the customer alley to the left. Some tiny halogen lights hang above. And a red brick arch in the back leads to a new dining area that reaches into the former backyard of the property. It will be a new House altogether, to be sure.


Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner and will order from anywhere but there. Crackhead delivery guy, bad pizza. an owner who builds ugly buildings that are too big for the block ( check out his master piece on Columbia St next to Summit St) all make a mix of STAY AWAY.

and did I mention the pizza sucks?

Anonymous said...

FYI- That crackhead delivery guy was born and raised in the neighborhood. Not to mention so was his parents,grandparents etc. U should thank god that he is delivering pizza in order to make some $$$. U could be robbering your house. Have you ever seen him smoking crack?? U don't know what is wrong with the guy. U better pray that someone in your family doesn't start hitting the pipe Idiot you should move back to where you came from