12 September 2008

Lost City Asks "Who Goes to Gene's Restaurant?"

Gene's, on W. 11th Street, is, for me, the definition of the local Village restaurant, the side street place that sits in the middle a quiet block and is basically known and patronized by people in a few-block radius. Cozy, familial, reassuring. And a near extinct breed. I've decided not to hold against it the unbearable sandy mussels I have there a few years back.

Here the link to the Eater piece.

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Unknown said...

I've had the mussels posopillio (spelling?) and they were good. If you want the prime rib they serve as a special on Sunday nights, you need to tell them that when you call to make a reservation - or they'll be sold out, even if you show up at 5:30 on Sunday evening. Service is always wonderful. Great food too!