16 September 2008

Lipstick on a Boar's Head

The conspiracy theory recently propounded by this blog regarding the mysterious F. Martinella Deli appears to have been a bullseye.

To recap: Martinella is moving into a big space on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn—a space once rumored to become a Boar's Head deli. Signs said "since 1949," but no one had ever heard of the Martinella company. A Lost City reader then came up with this theory:

Boar's Head:
CEO: Robert S. Martin
President: Michael Martella
Martin + Martella = Martinella

To this, I added my own bit of detective work as to the initial "F." in "F. Martinella": Boar's Head was founded in 1903 by Frank Brunckhorst. As in F. Brunckhorst.

I walked by the Martinella site today, where men were busy at work. I asked one worker if the place was to be a Boar's Head deli. "Yeah, basically," he said, adding it would open next week.

1949, my eye.

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