21 December 2008

Brooklyn's Bike Shop Moving

The Bike Shop, which only a few years ago moved from Smith Street to a storefront on Union near Hicks, is moving again. It's new home will be on Court Street near Nelson.

The change is not unexpected. The building The Bike Shop is in has had a "For Sale" sign on it for months. Guess someone bought it and wanted them out. I'm glad they're staying in the neighborhood. It's an expert shop, and they can repair almost anything. If it's a small job, they often do it for free. I bought my old black, British Rudge bike from them and I've never regretted it.

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Victoria Hagman said...

So the building is not sold. It is still available. The Bike Shop made the owners of the building several, what i think were reasonable offers to purchase the building but they refused them. Check out my blog post: