29 December 2008

Least Favorite Christmas Display: Henri Bendel

Maybe it's the blue greyhound. Maybe I just don't mix mouse orchestras. Or perhaps it's just everything about Henri Bendel's holiday window display this year that's repellent. I always thought Bendel a classy sort of store. Red neon and green-clad divas playing royal dress-up and riding purple ostriches just doesn't seem like the right image for the luxury shop. Or any shop.


Anonymous said...

You obviouly have no appreiction of design! Or understands Bendel's intent. It is a wonderful decor treatment leveraging their storied history in NYC. Surprising given that this blog dedicates itself to all things historical NYC. Study up on your history.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I'm sorry, LaLa M, what are you talking about? What do purple ostriches, blue dogs, mouse orchestras or fashionista mannequins pretending to be queen have to do with Bendel's history—with which I am familiar? Please elaborate. And, even if you can make the case, there's no arguing against the sheer ugliness of the display.