26 December 2008

Piccolo Cafe Is Real, Not Fake

For more than a year, there have been indications that a cafe was opening in a storefront on Columbia Street in Brooklyn, near Sackett Street. A sign in the window said "Piccolo Cafe Coming Soon." But when I talked to people who came in or out of the space, they said the sign was kind of a joke: there was no cafe opening in the space. OK. Weird, but OK.

But lately an awning appeared, saying Piccolo Cafe. Still, nothing was going on inside. Maybe the joke was just getting bigger. When placards advertising breakfast and lunch specials started showing up, however, I thought that maybe a cafe was actually going to open. Signs of a counter and stools inside cinched it.

Funny time to be opening a new restaurant. But the place seems to have taken the pulse of the times. $3 for breakfast. $3 for lunch. I can deal with those prices.

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Chris B. said...

Hi Brooks,

We recently had a lot of questions about this space as well, and finally unlocked the mystery. Check out our story on the owner here: