31 December 2008

P&G to Remain Open One More Month

P&G Cafe, the 66-year-old tavern at 73rd and Amsterdam, was to have closed tonight, New Year's Eve. But word comes that it will stay open until Jan. 31. A call to the place confirmed this. (Sorry for the earlier misinformation.) The owner is still working on his projected relocation.

As for the sign, there's still no guarantee that it will follow the owner or be preserved. Hello, Museum of the City of New York? Hello, Smithsonian? Hello, MoMA? This sign is art. It's a cultural icon. It's a relic, as sure as an arrowhead. Save it!

As for the greedy landlord that has put P&G in this terrible position by kicking them to the curb, may you, your children, and your grandchildren have no luck in 2009 and beyond. May you invest all the money you get from your new tenant with someone like Bernie Madoff. May St. Peter's first question for you be, "Why did you do that to P&G?"


Anonymous said...

I thought they weren't closing until February as they couldn't move to the new location until then. One of the other blogs reported that yesterday. Did the closing date change overnight?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You're right! Sorry about that. I've amended the article.

Anonymous said...

Phew! I still have time!