23 December 2008

Tudor Touch Up

A few months ago I wrote about the above building on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, once the home of two ambitious partners in architecture, now just an oddball structure in the middle of a cruddy-looking block. The thin, Tudor whatsit always looked a little dingy down-at-heel. But it seems like the landlord gave the old thing a touch up recently, slathering on what must be its first new coat of paint in decades. The painter took enough care to once again accentuate the brown touches meant to signify timber and bits of wood showing through the plaster. But he also covered up a lot of the detail, as you can see from the pictures on my previous post. And of course it doesn't look anywhere near as good as it did when the address was first built. Sigh. Maybe in 50 years some enterprising person will strip everything off and discover the interesting building within.


ChickenUnderwear said...

Every time I take the kids to the Transit Museum we eat lunch in that deli. Next time we are gonna cross the street an look at it. Thanks.

ChickenUnderwear said...

I took this picture from the McDonald's window across the street. What a bizarre combination of stuff.