03 December 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting

J.J. Byrne Park is no more. [City Room]

Not for Tourists' NYC first edition liked a lot of places that just aren't there anymore. [EV Grieve]

Some pretty little house numbers. [Forgotten NY]

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree gets lit tonight. Hey, it's not Mazzola Bakery Christmas Tree, but we'll take it. [Gothamist]

It's Caffe Reggio. And why not? [Greenwich Village Daily Photo]

The New York Post, after encouraging Bloomberg to go for a third term, now doesn't like him so much. "When Mayor Bloomberg deployed his vast personal and political power to overturn the term limits law, he began to demystify the public relations image he had purchased at considerable expense.vIt was only then that New Yorkers began to recognize the danger of making Gotham's wealthiest man its chief executive." I realized that back in 2001. [New York Post]

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