19 December 2008

Merry Christmas, Rat Squirrel House!

Your bricks are red. Your shed is green. You aren't what you used to be.

You're just like Christmas!

Will Santa bring Rat-Squirrel-House Lady (I know you're in there, Arlene!) what she's asked for—a new roof, a third-story window that closes, rat traps, for the DOB to get off her back? Will he brave that chimney, the most unstable flue this side of Chumley's? Or is she on his naughty list?

A new spate of complaints were issued against the address and Dec. 5, but, still, not much has changed at 149 Kane Street in Brooklyn since last winter, when a flurry of activity and news stories resulted in several visits from the DOB and the installation of a protective shed. Nothing's been fixed or mended on the landmarked building. And the owner, while obeying a vacate order for a short bit, moved back into the haunted wreck shortly after. The vacate notice on the front door was ripped down months ago. Rat, squirrels and pigeons, meanwhile, have made themselves pretty scarce. Maybe the dump is even too run down for them.

I'm almost tempted to hang a wreath on her door.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, isn't it likely that she is mentally ill? Does anyone in the neighborhood know her well? Just wondering because it does not seem to be a matter of greed or a family feud over an estate. There is something else going on here.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

No, you're right. Everything I've heard from neighbors is that she is not well in the head. No family feud or greed.