13 December 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Gosh, the above buildings really do remind you of Tuscany, don't they? [Brownstoner]

Remembering Leshko's [EV Grieve]

Bloomberg, the Billionaire, owes us money, plus has sense of self-knowledge. [Queens Crap]

The Astroland Rocket is in danger, like the rest of Coney Island. [Kinetic Carnival]

The Bowery Boys went to Dyker Heights, past and present. [Bowery Boys]

Old White Horse Inn, New White Horse Inn. [Ephemeral New York]

They've got snow in Wisconsin. Why not here? [Lakemichiglog]

1 comment:

lakelover said...

Sorry. We actually DON'T have snow in Wisconsin anymore. It's raining. We have slush.