23 December 2008


The renovation of quaint No. 4 Verandah Place, a delightful mews bordering Cobble Hill Park in the heart of Cobble Hill, has been going on for some time, at a snail's pace. Recently they replaced the door. The old, weather-beaten portal with its odd window design was always a favorite of mine. I find the gray metal replacement rather lackluster. Certainly it's safer, sturdier. Not much else, though.

These little lost details accumulate, you know. And before you know it, charm goes out the window.

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Vince M said...

You've really surprised me with your opinion on this restoration, Brooks. I'd much rather see the new door as opposed to the one that was obviously bought and installed in the late '60s. The new one is much better suited to this late 1880's period house.