30 March 2009

Another Day, Another Diner

I was walking by the corner that used to belong to the City Lights Diner of Boerum Hill on Friday and noticed that it was no longer there. There is paper over the windows of the long space on the northeast corner of Atlantic and Third Avenue, and signs indicate the address will soon be the location of the Ocean View Diner. Ocean View—is that better than City Lights? Third Avenue is a long way from the ocean. The building has been painted a nice ocean-like hue of blue, to match its new identity.


Robert Cashill said...

City Lights closed for renovation last summer, which is when it was repainted. It reopened as City Lights in fall, then closed again just a few weeks ago. There was a stop-work order posted onsite for a couple of weeks, now it's (presumably) full steam ahead. Why do I think nothing will change--menu, personnel, clientele--when the Ocean comes into view?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I suspect you are right, Robert. I don't expect much to change.