26 March 2009

The Belltower of Columbia Street

I think I'm going to have to revise my previous opinion that the new apartment complex going up on Columbia Street near Summit is not so bad.

I was walking by the thing today and—What the hell is that thing on top of the building? The structure has sprouted a two-story tower on its roof, like some sort of Crapitecture Florentine Palazzo. I mean, really, what is that? I've never seen anything like it. Will it be something practical, like a water tower container? A super-sized chimney? A really narrow penthouse? A place to store the tenants' javelins and tentpoles?

I don't know, but something inside told me, when I first laid eyes on it, that it would be some sort of belltower. The architect obviously has a grandiose streak. It comes out in the fussy brickwork, the balconies, the clock embedded in the facade. I think he would actually try for a belltower.

Anyway, the folks in the neighborhood aren't happy. They're complained to the DOB, which wrote on March 18: "THE CONSTRUCTION SITE AT THE ABOVE LOCATION HAS PERMITS TOBUILD A 5 STORY BUILDING,BUT THEY ARE CURRENTLY ADDING A NARROW CINDER BLOCK TOWER TO THE TOP OF THAT STRUCTURE OUTSIDE OF APPROVED PLANS." There was then a complaint on March 21 that work was continuing despite not having the require DOB variance. And then there was a complaint that a strange, hunchbacked figure had taken up residence in the tower.

Just kidding on that last one.


Adam said...

That is appalling. It looks like the kind of tower firefighters practice on.

Anonymous said...

They probably planned to pitch it as a luxury penthouse studio w/fabulous view.